Patient Testimonials

May 2015

This day and time it is very rare to go to a business or service and be treated like a person instead of a number or just another dollar.

With that being said, my physician, Dr. Tom Bledsoe and his staff, are a rare find.

The nurses and staff are very friendly and you can tell they really care about your well being; and Dr. Bledsoe's diagnosis have always been dead on with me. 

If all doctors' offices were run like Dr. Bledsoe's, there would be more healthy people in the world because none would mind going to the doctor.

Randy Roe  

May 2015

Dr. Bledsoe has been my primary care physician for approximately ten years.

During that time he has always been attentive to my needs and has worked hard to evaluate my symptoms so that I would receive the best possible treatment.  I am diabetic and Dr. Bledsoe has made sure that I have had all the necessary tools available to deal with my diabetes.  When necessary Dr. Bledsoe has referred me to excellent specialists.  I know I can count on him!

In addition to Dr. Bledsoe, his entire staff is always ready and willing to assist me any way they can.  The staff is always friendly and efficient in returning calls and answering questions.

Sandra Donn